New Site!

Wednesday, July 19th 2017, 9:27:29 pm


Yes, again a new website, or not totally new, the concept is more or less the same.. But other then that it’s a complete makeover. I’ve made a complete rebuild from back-end to front-end.

The new site is running on Node.js with a mongodb database, for the front-end I’ve used the ‘Foundation for sites’ framework, which I adjusted to my new design and needs. Regarding the backend development I’ve learned a great deal from a video lesson course by Wes Bos (highly recommended). But since it’s node, it’s all javascript, the language I already know and use daily in my work, and therefore it was easy to pick up.

The main reason why I updated my site is that it was getting harder to maintain. It was hard to update (in code/design and the syncing process). It was hard to delete/update items, and keeping everything insync, it quickly became a bit buggy. But now since I have a database, I can update/delete/add items very easy. I’ve made a admin panel where I can login so I can update/delete/add every item individually. And I made a ‘if this than that’ task so it will update new activities automaticly, yeah!

New features

I’ve also added some new features and extra (profile) pages, the homepage is completely redesigned with more entrances to the site contents. The search is simplified with a autocomplete. And it’s now possible to filter on a year, bike, country and see before hand how many rides I made with those filters. 
For the pictures I made an overview page with all the albums and a seperate best of gallery page. Within the albums there’s now also a Strava album with all the pictures which I uploaded via Strava. Those pictures are now automaticly added when I upload them via the Strava app, so it’s now much easier/quicker to use/upload/sync them. I’ll keep the flickr/picture albums section of course and use that for creating those albums and keep a high(er) quality pictures there and take care of them with a bit of after care.

Another reason why I completely rebuilded it, is that I’m planning on making my website a service any Strava user can use. This was simply not possible with how the site was build before. Still have to figure out some nuts and bolts of making this happen but I will get there eventually.

Very happy with the result so far and will keep you updated about the service and how you can be part of it!