Looking back at 2015

Thursday, December 31st 2015, 10:30:48 am

Strava is a great website to track your rides and every year they give you a nice overview of what you’ve accomplished that year. So for me in 2015 I’ve biked a total of 4205km in a total time of 191h 45m, climbed a total of 40.172m. 1 KOM (King of Mountain) & 102 Kudos and the highest suffer score of 252.

Was this a good year? I think so yes, I did not make a long trip abroad or participated in a multi stage race. Only the Bemc.be, 3 day stage race in may. I think that was also the highlight of this year, it was a though race. But I survived it and will be back the coming year! Other than that 2015 was the year with the most km’s I’ve ever ridden in a year and that was even without a multiday stage race so all in all a good year and looking forward for 2016. Will I make a total of 5000km’s in 2016? 

You can make your own video (if you’re on Strava of course) over here: http://2015.strava.com