How did I make this site?

Tuesday, December 29th 2015, 9:57:24 am


As I described in the FAQ on the homepage, one of the reasons I started this blog was a way to learn react.js. One of the best ways to learn new things in programming is to actually do it and use a real project, or in this case a so called ‘pet’ project which you’ll love and take good care of.

I started almost 2 months ago I with a very good video lesson from Wes Bos: it will cost you some $ but they’re well worth the spend! Very good and clear lessons with everything I needed to kick off my project.

The main library’s/services I used are:

I’m using my own lazyloader & infinitescroll functions, I’ve used/tested some library’s but they were all a bit too complicated and with functionality I did not need. Maybe I will release them on github.

Admin page

For the Admin side of the project, I’ve made use of several node.js library’s so I could easily connect to the API’s and make the calls. 

For the interface I’ve made a seperate page which does all the import & syncing. This page puts everything on firebase and the main site only gets the data and does no syncing. So when I’ve made a new ride the only thing I need to do is upload the ride & media  (if any of course) and push some buttons and my site is updated!

Next up!

I’ve made a list of nice to have’s which I will work in the coming months.

And as it comes down to learn more about react I will probably investigate more on how to structure/architect a (react) app with flux  and maybe make use immutable  

And I will probably also investigate some more on webpack  (instead of browserify)

BUT first I’ll go out and do some more biking and put the laptop aside and of my lap ;-)